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An extensive palette of diamond facets – 400+ shades, including AB sparkle gems and metallics.

Customize shoes and clothing, jewelry and home décor – the sky is the limit with Diamond Dotz Freestyle. Pair the Freestyle gems with companion products like Dotz Stick Adhesive and let your imagination run wild.

It’s sparkle time!


Personalised DIY diamond painting gives you free rein as opposed to a pre-made diamond painting design that provides you a picture of the end result to follow. A pre-made diamond artwork requires you to stick gems onto its assigned symbol on the given surface, whereas a freestyle or custom diamond art kit allows you to create any end result on a blank surface. Whether the aim is a realistic painting, abstract art or signage - let your creativity shine as the possibilities are endless.
Make a memorable custom gift for a beloved family member or friend through a personalised diamond painting. No matter the level of experience, DIY diamond art painting is easy to pick up for all ages to create shimmering pictures, abstract art and signage. Custom DIY diamond painting is easy to master with the end result being a spectacular artwork that your loved one can decorate around their home. This gift is perfect as a housewarming, anniversary, graduation or birthday gift that will surely be cherished and appreciated for many years.
Whether you’re a dotting enthusiast or just like to take up new hobbies, personalised diamond painting is a great activity for birthdays, events or to simply unwind and relax. To create a DIY diamond painting: 1. Pour your gems into the tray. 2. Open the wax caddy. 3. Press the head of the stylus firmly into the wax candy. 4. Pick up the Diamond Dotz with the stylus. 5. Stick these gems down onto your chosen surface to create your artwork.
If you have extra Diamond Dotz lying around, decorate any surface with these beautiful gems. Some ideas include bedazzling these sparkly gems onto DIY greeting cards, notebooks, folders, pens, phone covers, laptop covers, face masks and even your shoes. You can otherwise store these Diamond Dotz in a storage container for your next diamond painting session.