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Dotz® Fabric Roll - Plain Without Adhesive 48 x 99cm
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Dotz® Fabric Roll - Plain Without Adhesive 48 x 99cm


DOTZ® FABRIC ROLL - PLAIN WITHOUT ADHESIVE 48 x 99cm (19 x 39 in) (fabric size) - Diamond Painting Accessory

Designed specifically for Free Form Diamond Dotting Projects. For best results use DOTZ® STICK Adhesive.

  • Apply a generous layer approx. 1/10" (3mm) thick of DOTZ®® STICK Adhesive to your desired design area.  Allow to dry 1-2 hours or until adhesive dries clear.
  • When dry, adhesive will be tacky to the touch and form a strong bond with the DOTZ®. Cover the dry adhesive area with DOTZ® Protective Film in between dotting sessions.
  • TIP: Place design and fabric over your DOTZ® LITE Light Pad for an easy to see dotting area.
  • For decorative use only. Do not wash iron or dry clean.

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Getting Started


Find the first symbol on the Chart


Find the symbol & Diamond Dotz® shade number on the key


Find the Diamond Dotz® packet shade number


Pour the Diamond Dotz® into the Diamond Dotz® Tray


Open the Diamond Dotz® Wax Caddy


Press the head of the Diamond Dotz® Stylus firmly into the wax


Pick up the Diamond Dotz®


Stick the Diamond Dotz® down onto the symbol