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The Kiss (après Klimt) Masters Series

  • Number of Dotz 52,699
  • Number of Mini Dotz 12452
  • Design Size 22.0 x 28.0 in
  • Skill Level Advanced
  • Design Size CM 56 x 71 cm
  • Diamond Shape Round
  • Cover Full
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The Kiss (après Klimt) Masters Series Masterclass Diamond Painting Artwork Kit - 22.0 x 28.0 in

The Diamond DOTZ® Masterclass series is a premium diamond painting kit collection offering advanced diamond painters an unparalleled diamond painting experience. Each Masterclass kit features an exquisite design, challenging diamond painting techniques and luxurious materials. From the moment the gold embossed travel case is opened, until the last dot is placed, Masterclass provides diamond painting enthusiasts with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to push their skills and complete a magnificent work of art.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The Kiss Masters Series kit includes 2 round DOTZ sizes (standard 2.8mm and introducing NEW Mini DOTZ® 2.0mm), plus special feature gems. This kit incorporates the soft dotting technique which follows the natural curves of the design.

The Kiss is adapted from the original oil painting of the same name by Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt (circa 1908) and currently hangs in a museum in Vienna.


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The Kiss (après Klimt) Masters Series

Diamond Area

Original Image Design
Modified Image Diamond Area

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Getting Started


Find the first symbol on the Chart


Find the symbol & Diamond Dotz® shade number on the key


Find the Diamond Dotz® packet shade number


Pour the Diamond Dotz® into the Diamond Dotz® Tray


Open the Diamond Dotz® Wax Caddy


Press the head of the Diamond Dotz® Stylus firmly into the wax


Pick up the Diamond Dotz®


Stick the Diamond Dotz® down onto the symbol