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Learn how to use a stencil when you dot! You can create pencil cases, signs, or leave a sparkly flare on anything you like.
Kirsten explains how you can create beautiful dotted accents on your home decor!
Kirsten shows us how to dot on to fabric using DIAMOND DOTZ® Freestyle products!
DIAMOND DOTZ® is much more than just a craft and we hope everyone gets to enjoy the benefits!
As part of the DIAMOND DOTZ® Family, we all have dealt with the frustrating struggle of opening our facets and experiencing the effect of static electricity
If you haven’t had the chance to experience the magic DIAMOND DOTZ® pillows have to offer, you are missing out!
One of the questions we get asked most is what’s the difference between a full drill and a partial drill design.   
What’s more, we can say this with 100% confidence as every tool, component, and substrate is tested.. 
Just like a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly, turn a plain surface into something delightfully shimmery with this beautiful yellow butterfly design!
Give life to a dull and uninteresting surface with this pretty pink flower design. And bring a bit of spring (and some sparkle, of course!) into your life!
Create that extra ‘WOW’ factor with this eye-catching pineapple design. Make it special, make it fun, and make it sparkle!
Personalise a gift for that special someone by adding their name to it. Or, create your own sparkly labels for just about anything you like!
Just as flowers attract butterflies, draw attention to something otherwise uninteresting with this lovely pink butterfly design! Make it pink, make it pretty, and make it sparkle!
Transform a boring, plain surface with this floral heart design. And give that special touch to a decorative piece be it for a wedding, baby shower, and birthday.. or whatever you please really!
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