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Rounded Sparkling Snowman Sign

Rounded Sparkling Snowman Sign

Give your diamond painting canvas a new shape and a brand new personality! Lay a round sign/plaque atop your canvas and trace it; then cut and adhere the newly rounded canvas to the sign. What a transformation! The sign now doubles as the base for your sparkling creation. And with its round shape, your square or rectangular diamond painting canvas has a totally new look. Like this idea? Check out our tutorial!

First, complete your diamond painting canvas following our How to Diamond Paint in 12 Easy Steps tutorial.

If you don’t have a stash of completed diamond painting canvases already on hand, shop our huge selection of Diamond Dotz diamond painting kits.

We used Father Snow for this project, although you can use this technique with many diamond painting designs. The size of the canvas we used is 19.7” wide x 24.2” high.

Gather the supplies for the first part of this project:

  • Finished diamond painting
  • Round sign/plaque (ours is 20” in diameter)
  • Craft paint and paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Marking pen or pencil

Whether you’re tackling a new diamond painting or giving a creative finish to one you’ve already completed, the round sign or plaque is a key component for this project. Your craft retailer likely has a wide variety of sizes to choose from. When choosing your sign, note that the size of your sign needs to fit within your canvas – this is so that the dotted canvas fills the full space of the sign.

You will use this sign as both a template to trace the round shape onto your canvas, and then also as the surface to adhere the canvas to.

Before getting started, we gave our sign a pro finish with a coat of white craft paint.

Now it’s time to trace the round shape onto your diamond painting canvas.

Lay the finished dotted canvas design side up, so you can see the details of the design. Put the sign/plaque on top of the design and move it until it is positioned in place just as you’d like it. Remember we noted that the size of the sign needs to fit within the canvas – this is why!

For this design, we wanted the snowman to be the central motif, so we positioned the sign accordingly. The width of this canvas was just about equal to the diameter of the sign, so that also meant we did not have a lot of leeway in positioning the sign from right to left, only from top to bottom.

Trace the design as shown. Place pressure on the sign with one hand as you trace with the other. Do this to make sure that your sign does not move as you trace.

Set sign aside and cut the design following your traced line. Take a close look at the image above and note that you can cut right through the diamond facets. Following your line precisely will give your cut-out a perfectly rounded edge.

Tip: save the excess dotted pieces from the corners of your canvas. Why? You can use them as a diamond painting appliqués and apply them to other projects. Check out this creative finishing idea to see exactly what we mean.

Gather the supplies for the second part of this project:

Turn your diamond painting over and squirt some of the Dotz Stick brush-on adhesive onto the back side of the canvas. Don’t apply too much.

Use the paint brush to brush the Dotz Stick onto the canvas using even brush strokes. The Dotz Stick adhesive should cover the back of the canvas in a consistent manner.

Let the Dotz Stick dry until it is slightly tacky to the touch.

Position the canvas in place on the sign taking care to line up the edges of the trimmed canvas with edges of the sign/plaque.

Once it is lined up, smooth it in place with your hands.

Take a look at your sparkling new diamond painting sign. The round shape totally transforms this design, don’t you think? (Remember, this is what the original Father Snow canvas looks like.)

Simply by changing its shape, your diamond painting canvas has a brand new personality. With a holiday design, we like the idea of using it as inside door décor for the season. Embellish it with ribbon or greenery to give it extra punch.

Hang this project up easily with standard picture frame hardware, hooks and/or wire. If your sign is not too heavy, you can also consider using an adhesive-backed hook.

Get creative and have fun with your sparkling new décor!

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