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Refashion a Denim Jacket with Diamond Painting

Refashion a Denim Jacket with Diamond Painting

What’s better than your fave denim jacket accessorized with sparkle? We can’t think of anything! A denim jacket is a wardrobe staple, and refashioning one with diamond painting really gives it unique flair. By applying a Diamond Dotz diamond painting canvas to its back panel, our denim jacket gets a totally new look.

This clever makeover project is part of our Sparkle Your World series that celebrates creativity and travel, and how the two are intertwined. Join us on our adventure as we experience the world through an artful lens – one that includes beautiful places, and of course a lot of diamond painting! Our first stop is Greece!

C’mon – let’s refashion that jacket!

First, gather your supplies:


Take your finished diamond painting canvas and place it on top of the back of your jacket, or area you want to decorate. Use you finger to trace the seams of the jacket and make small marks on the canvas, between the Dotz, or remove a few Dotz to mark where you will cut.

Here’s another option for determining the position of the canvas on the jacket.

Place the dotted canvas with design side facing down on the area of the jacket you wish to cover (as shown).

Feel for the seams on the jacket with your finger and trace that area with a pen.


Cut between the rows of diamonds, following the marks you created. You can cut the first mark, and place the design on the jacket to double check how it fits in place before cutting the next mark.

This process is a bit subjective, and it’s up to you how precisely you place your design – within the back panel of your jacket (as we did) – or across the seams, in strips, etc. There are no rules with it comes to fashion after all!

Use our placement tips as a guideline, but let your fashion sensibility lead the way!


Squeeze some Dotz Stick onto a palette. Load your brush and apply the adhesive to the back of the canvas.

Apply a thick even coat, or two thinner coats, letting in dry in between coats. The canvas is ready to apply to the jacket when the adhesive is clear and tacky.


Place the diamond painting over the jacket and position in place as planned.

When in desired place, press down all sections of the diamond painting design, to secure the canvas to the jacket.


Squeeze some Dotz Guard onto a palette. Load your brush and apply the adhesive to the top of the canvas.

Apply a thick even coat, or two thinner coats, letting in dry in between coats. The Dotz Guard seals and protects the diamond painting.


Fashion, art, creativity, travel – these are a few of our favorite things. We believe they go hand-in-hand, and hope you do, too.

Remember that this application process can be used with most of our Diamond Dotz diamond painting canvases and many garments you’re wanting to refashion.

Our goal here is to get your creative wheels spinning!

If you enjoyed this project, be sure to check out the other blog posts and videos in our travel series.

Join us as we experience places around the world in creative ways – through iconic vistas, traditions, people and art. And of course, with plenty of diamond painting!

We hope you’re inspired to Sparkle Your World with Diamond Dotz, and to experience creativity in every aspect of your day!

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