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DOTZIES: Diamond Painting Kits & Activity Sets that Kids Love

DOTZIES: Diamond Painting Kits & Activity Sets that Kids Love

Do you know all there is to know about DOTZIES? The DOTZIES for Kids diamond painting collection is unmatched when it comes to innovation, creativity and FUN. Kids love DOTZIES because it includes such a wide variety of diamond painting projects and accessories, each format paired with irresistible designs or must-have licensed characters.

The DOTZIES range includes starter dotting kits, activity sets with multiple projects per box, bracelets, pillows, stickers and zipper pouches. Think of the DOTZIES for Kids collection as a menu that’s chock full of kids’ favorite things! Each DOTZIES project results in something tangible that kids will keep and admire – a picture to display, a bracelet to wear, or a functional pillow or pouch to use.

The best thing about DOTZIES is that it provides kids with the opportunity to discover a new hobby – diamond painting! Diamond painting is a craft that kids can master and enjoy quickly, honing their skills as they tackle each new design and try each unique accessory. Diamond painting gives kids the opportunity to put down the screen, relax and get into the rhythm of dotting. Ready to learn more about DOTZIES?


Launch kids on their diamond painting journey with our DOTZIES starter dotting kits. These kits immediately spark enthusiasm for diamond painting because the designs are whimsical and eye-catching, plus the kits showcase the color palette of Dotz and related tools prominently on the front of the kit – there’s no guessing as to what’s inside!

Psst … like this cutie? Jump right over to Pretty in Pink Cactus – it’s a fan favorite!


Take a look at a few of the adorable designs in the starter dotting kits. They are so fun to mix and match – their Dotz colors coordinate nicely from design to design, making them perfect for hanging out together in bedrooms, play rooms or media rooms. And those characters! You can’t dot just one.


Did we mention how FUN these kits are to complete? These twins are hooked on DOTZIES and just can’t stop smiling – or dotting!

Dragon Skate (left) and Uni Dab (right) are two favorite kits, sure to please!

Like all of the items in the DOTZIES range, the dotting kits are ideal for young dotters aged 6-years-old and up. They’re great to gift, or collect, or simply to have on-hand for situations when kids are looking for something to do.


Next up, DOTZIES activity sets. These large-format boxed sets each include a variety of diamond painting projects – pictures, bracelets, stickers and/or a zipper pouch. Each set features a unique design theme and a distinct combination of projects inside.

Like the starter kits, the activity sets also feature a colorful box that displays the palette of Dotz, as well as the tools. The projects that are included within are also clearly identified on the front of the box so you know exactly what you get!


Three of the DOTZIES activity sets feature top licenses, like My Little Pony; this activity set includes two pictures, two bracelets, and two stickers.

Know any My Little Pony fans? Let them know about this set!


Another fun license, it’s the Paw Patrol gang! The Paw Patrol Let’s Play activity set includes three each pictures and stickers. See how easy they are to complete – just dip, dot and SPARKLE!

Hang the pictures on bulletin boards or other favorite spaces, and stick those stickers everywhere!


Here’s Peppa! The Peppa Pig activity set includes two each pictures, bracelets and stickers. Little hands just love bringing Peppa to life with Dotz!

The mix of projects in each DOTZIES activity set is a bit different, offering kids a variety of projects to choose from, so be sure to check out each one individually to see its exact contents. There are several DOTZIES activity sets to choose from.

Activity sets make impressive birthday and holiday gifts that kids will talk about for a long time.


Kids cannot have enough bracelets – they just can’t! The bracelet kits are a highlight in the DOTZIES range because they have a high “cool factor” and are easy to show off – just stack ‘em and flaunt ‘em!

The trendy colors and patterns make the DOTZIES bracelets an ideal accessory to pair with other popular beaded, elastic and embroidery floss bracelets that kids love. The “diamonds” provide a unique texture and bring some sparkle to the party!


Each DOTZIES bracelet kit contains three bracelets, plus the Dotz and tools needed to complete them. The bracelets are quick and easy to make. To start, follow the printed symbol key and then dot right onto the printed bracelets. The bracelets feature hook and loop closures so they’re super easy to get on and off.

Check out the full collection to see the fashionable variety of colors and patterns in the DOTZIES bracelets range. And remember, DOTZIES bracelets are so cool that teens and young adults love them, too!


Cute and functional – what’s not to love about these DOTZIES mini pillows? Anything that kids can add to their room décor, and boast that they it made themselves, is a sure win!

Better yet, pillows are made for piling, so this is a diamond painting project that kids will want to do again and again – the more pillows, the merrier! The collection includes a variety of fun designs to choose from, including a few seasonal options, too.


Each DOTZIES pillow kit contains a printed pillow cover, a symbol chart, plus the Dotz and tools needed to finish the pillow.

Clear off a work space, organize supplies, and get dotting! Don’t forget to bring that smile!


Once the pillow cover is dotted, it’s time to stuff it! There are many types of fiber fillings available online or at your favorite arts and crafts store. There are also many creative items around the house that work as well if you want to recycle old T-shirts, towels, etc. Or repurpose the filling from another pillow no longer in use. Be clever – that’s part of the fun, after all!


Kids start playing with sticker books at a young age, and there’s a reason for that – there’s something about the tactile peel-and-stick satisfaction that a sticker delivers that just can’t be beat. Why not take the joy of stickers up a notch or two? Add diamond painting to the mix and you’ve got a sticker that’s better than ever: DOTZIES stickers.


Each DOTZIES sticker kit includes three stickers plus the Dotz and tools to apply them. Before enjoying the process of peeling and sticking, you’ll get to experience the fun of dotting!

Have a ball dotting the stickers just like all of the other DOTZIES projects, using the stylus and wax that comes in the kit. Once you’re done with the dotting, they’re ready to stick on anything and everything!

Check out the themed DOTZIES sticker collection – it includes whimsical designs, sayings, emojis and many other must-have icons.


Yet another fun accessory that kids love – zipper pouches! Why? Because they have so many little things that need a home – pencils, hair clips, chargers, jewelry, school supplies, snacks, cords … the list goes on! DOTZIES zipper pouches provide a functional storage solution, and a bunch of fun along the way!

Each DOTZIES zipper pouch contains a printed zipper pouch, a symbol chart, plus the Dotz colors and tools to apply them.

There are 15+ zipper pouch designs to choose from. Take a look and pick from popular themes like mermaids, unicorns, hearts and sayings. Just dot, unzip and fill with goodies!


Are you convinced that DOTZIES for Kids gives young dotters the most comprehensive, the most creative, the most FUN collection of diamond painting projects? We sure hope so!

If you're not familiar with the extended Diamond Dotz family, be sure to check out our other kid-approved kits, including DOTZ BOX, Quick Dotz and Big Dotz dotting kits. The versatility in project types across all of the Diamond Dotz kids' brands, combined with top-notch licenses and winning designs truly is unmatched. For exciting, hands-on fun, Diamond Dotz diamond painting introduces kids to a laugh-out-loud hobby that they can fall in love with and continue to explore for years to come! 

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Happy dotting, friends!