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Modern Ceramic Planters By Kirsten Jones

Modern Ceramic Planters By Kirsten Jones

Project Instructions

Modern White Ceramic Planters

1. Following basic instructions on DOTZ® STICK Adhesive, apply to areas that you will add Dotz as shown in photo. Let dry until tacky.
2. Add Dotz to areas as shown referring to photo as a guide.

TIP - for solid areas, start by doing a solid row at the top of area and repeat rows till area is complete. For design areas, start with a solid line of Dotz and then count the colors and number of each to complete each next vertical row.

Cement planter

1. Cut out a piece of Sandwich Adhesive a little larger than design band on planter.
2. Lay the pattern (design facing up) on your DOTZ® Lite surface and position the Sandwich Adhesive piece (paper side down) over the top of the pattern.
3. Peel back the clear surface from the top of the Sandwich Adhesive to reveal the sticky surface.
4. Dot onto the sticky surface following the pattern. Make sure to recover the sticky surface with some protective film in between dotting sessions.
5. Once all dotting is finished, cut evenly around the edge of the dotted design leaving the width of 1 gem around the outside of the design.
6. Peel the backing paper away from one small corner of the underside of your project and secure the small sticky area onto planter.
7. Once secured in one corner, gently peel the remaining backing paper away, sticking your dotted design down as you go.
8. Stick all sections of dotted designs down as shown.
9. TIP - Any areas on the planters that is still tacky from the adhesive, apply a very thin coat of Mod Podge to remove the adhesion. Let dry.




  • 8001 Black
  • 8316 Sunflower
  • 8308 Russet
  • 8074 Port Wine
  • 7003 Rich Gold Metallic
  • 8200 Blue Green
  • DOTZ® Accessory Pack -16916231
  • DOTZ® STICK Adhesive -17231523
  • DOTZ® Deluxe Brush Set - 17231531
  • DOTZ® Lite Light Pad -1724069
  • DOTZ® Sandwich Adhesive Roll -17231614
  • 2 small ceramic planters
  • Mod Podge Gloss- 1161538
  • 1 small cement planter
  • Succulents