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Easy Diamond Painting Wall Hanging

Easy Diamond Painting Wall Hanging

Trim your canvas, glue a dowel to the top edge and some handmade pompoms to the bottom … and boom, you’re done! It’s the easiest diamond painting wall hanging project out there.

We just love giving you ideas for how to creatively display your finished diamond painting canvases. Our team is on a mission to give you easy solutions, that come together quickly and use only a few supplies. This DIY diamond painting wall hanging with homemade pompoms is at the top of the list! You guys have seen it in our socials and loved it, so here are the quick step-outs.

Choose your Diamond Dotz diamond painting canvas – any of our kits will do! It can be a full- or partial-drill design, round- or square-shaped facets, any size or skill level.

For this project, we chose Alpine Retreat, which is a full-drill design that features square-shaped Diamond Dotz facets. It’s an intermediate skill level design.

There are so many premium Diamond Dotz kits to choose from – maybe you need to pick a few?

Gather your supplies:

  • Your finished diamond painting
  • Dowel (same width as canvas)
  • Skein of yarn (pick a color to coordinate with your canvas)
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Scissors

Trim the bottom edge and two sides of your diamond painting canvas using a pair of scissors. You’ll want to trim off the color key and any other printed information like the name of the design, the Diamond Dotz logo, etc.

Do not trim off the top edge. This is really important because the top edge of the canvas will be folded over, and glued to, the dowel.

Next you’re going to wrap the top border of the canvas around the dowel and glue the dowel in place as shown.

Turn your diamond painting canvas design side down, and lay the dowel against the top border. Then run a bead of glue from the glue gun along the dowel, wrapping the canvas border as you go, and securing the dowel in place.

It’s time to make the pompoms!

1- Wrap a length of yarn around three fingers as shown top left. We used approximately 2 yards to make each of our pompoms. Use more yarn if you want a thicker, denser pompom.

2- Snip to end the length of yarn and create the bundle, which will then create the pompom.

3- Lay a length of yarn approximately 12” on your work surface, then lay the bundle of woven yarn on top of it in the middle, as shown top right.

4- Take the length of yarn and tie it to cinch the bundle. Leave the two long ends from the 12” piece intact. You’ll use those two pieces to glue the pompom to the canvas.

5- Snip the bundle to create the pompom as shown bottom middle.

6- Repeat to make as many pompoms as desired.

Plan the placement of your pompom fringe. You can place the pompoms next to each other to fill the border of the canvas completely (like we did), or you can space them out – it’s your call!

Flip your canvas over and apply a strip of hot glue where you would like to attach each pompom. Lay the two long pieces of yarn from each pompom in the strip of hot glue.

To create the hanger for your wall hanging, cut a length of yarn and tie to the ends of the dowel.

Voilà! You’re looking at a really cool, one-of-a-kind wall hanging, made with thousands of sparkling Diamond Dotz. It’s pretty impressive – you agree?

You can use this piece as a feature to add texture alongside other art in a gallery wall, for seasonal décor that you take out to celebrate special holidays, or to give as a gift.

Make a few of varying sizes and hang them together. Use pompoms on some and not on others – the possibilities truly are endless.

Shop our full collection of premium diamond painting kits and get started today. Your next project is waiting for you!

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